Terms and Conditions for Sale of Products


  • Fineline(FL) – Fineline: varje bolag i Fineline-koncernen eller dess dotterbolag.
  • Order – Order shall mean a Purchase Order submitted by Customer to Fineline for the purchase of a product or products.
  • Lead Time (LT) – LT shall mean the time elapsed between order submission and the delivery of product(s) to Customer.


  • Orders will be submitted based on a valid quote from FL.
  • FL may accept or decline any order. Once an order is accepted it will a binding obligation for FL to deliver the order and a binding obligation on Customer to purchase the products specified in the order.
  • An order shall be deemed accepted by a written confirmation from FL.
  • Customer may not cancel or reschedule an accepted order without a prior written approval of FL.
  • FL will perform an engineering review for each order submitted. In case the engineering review will result in engineering questions, FL will make its best efforts to resolve all engineering questions in a timely manner. FL reserve the right to amend the price and production LT based on the results of the outcome of the engineering review. In any case, LT will be amended to compensate for time lost in the engineering review.


  • Terms of delivery are agreed between FL and Customer. Delivery terms shall be in accordance with INCOTERMS valid at time of order. If no other delivery terms were agreed, delivery shall be Ex Works (EX).
  • If FL finds out that it can’t meet the delivery time agreed, FL will inform Customer in writing, without undue delay of the delay, the reasons for the delay and of a new time when delivery can be expected. FL will make any commercially reasonable effort to minimize the delay in delivery.
  • If FL is unable to deliver the products within a reasonable time, Customer may cancel the order.
  • The Customer shall not be entitled to any consequential, indirect or punitive damage arising from a delay in delivery.


  • Prices do not include any federal, state or local taxes. If FL is obligated to collect and pay such taxes the taxes will be added to the price quoted by FL and charged to Customer.
  • Each shipment of product shall constitute a transaction and shall be invoices separately.
  • Payment terms will be as quote by FL.
  • If Customer fails to pay any payment due, on time, FL may, at its sole discretion charge Customer an additional interest payment of 1% per month and may charge customer for collection expenses including attorney’s fees.
  • FL may determine at any time that Customer’s financial situation requires advance payment. In Customer will not meet such requirement FL may at its sole discretion:
  • – Skjuta upp leveransen av produkten tills ett sådant krav är uppfyllt.
    – Avbryt beställningen och debitera kunden med rimliga avbokningsavgifter.


  • FL warrants that all products shall be free of defect in material and manufacturing at the date of delivery to Customer and that products were manufactured in accordance with customer’s specifications and IPC standard.
  • All products shall conform to IPC 6012 class 2 or IPC 6013 class 2 for Rigid and Flex boards respectively, unless otherwise stated by FL in writing.
  • FL warrants that the products can be stored and be used within 3- 12 months following delivery, provided they were stored in proper conditions of heat and humidity and in their original package.
PCB type Shelf life
ENIG, HAL,HAL LF, flashguld, ENEPIG 12 months
Imm.Tin, Imm.Ag 6 months
OSP 3 months


  • FL shall repair or replace or refund Customer the applicable purchase price for any product for any product that is in breach of the warranty stated above.
  • Customer shall notify FL of any defect, in writing, within the warranty period and within 14 days from the day a defect has been detected by Customer.
    • Varje meddelande om defekt ska innehålla en beskrivning av defekten, ett fotografi av den defekta produkten, produktdelnummer, ordernummer, mängd defekta brädor.
    • FL har rätt att utreda orsaken till defekterna. Detta kan omfatta, men inte begränsat till, destruktiv testning på nakna och eller befolkade brädor.
    • Kunden gick med på att ge FL rimlig hjälp i utredningen, inklusive tillgång för FL:s ingenjörer till monteringsprocessen, lagringsområdet och tillhandahålla nödvändig information som kan hjälpa till att fastställa orsaken till felet.
  • FL ansvarar inte för produkter som har utsatts för otillräcklig hantering eller lagring, felaktig användning eller användning, missbruk, vårdslöshet, förlust eller obehörig modifiering eller reparation.
  • The remedy set forth in section 4 above is the sole remedy offered to Customer.


  • FL shall not be in any way liable for any indirect, consequential damages including, but not limited to loss of sales, loss of business, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, incurred by Customer or Customer’s customer.
  • FL’s liability for any order will be limited to the purchase price paid by Customer for that order.


Fineline shall not be responsible for damages caused by any delay or default due to any contingency beyond its control preventing performance hereunder, including war, government, regulations, embargoes, export, shipping or remittance restrictions, strikes, lockouts, accidents, fires, delays or defaults caused by carriers, floods or governmental seizure, control or rationing