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2022 was another record year and 2023 has started extremely well and we are humbled by the future.

With the acquisition of CADINT, Fineline can also offer our customers even faster deliveries with a continued high level of service and we have been given the opportunity to be more flexible, and in parallel, customers of Cadint can now benefit from Fineline Nordic’s global supply chain for their higher volumes.

Speed, volume and local stock is a real success. We are really proud of all the positive reactions we have received since joining together. From Cadint, we can see a number of suppliers who above all work with speed. A number of them are now also integrated within Fineline.

In order to maintain the service you as a customer demand from us, we have become more and more we shall become. Service, quality and support will always be our highest priority. As a customer, you can benefit from our broad knowledge of printed circuit boards and all its possibilities, with different types of logistics solutions we can always deliver both quickly and cheaply.


There is great utilization of our warehouse in Stockholm for forecasts and framework orders. All our customers can benefit from it and good to know, is clearly an advantage if it is possible to have a forecast of perhaps 3-6 months. We stock, you call.

We look back at quarter 1 and look ahead to quarter 2 when it comes to sea freight. The price of ocean freight has stabilized to pre-pandemic levels, but we entered 2023 with a shaky global economy, resulting in a continued decline in the freight market as volumes shipped fell, particularly export volumes from China to Europe and the US. In order to match supply with demand, the container shipping companies in turn reduced the proportion of ships. They also canceled departures or moved ships from one route to another if there was more cargo there. Increased environmental requirements (IMO2023) led to a sporadic reduction in vessel speed on some routes and some departures, which in turn affected the supply chain with longer transit times. As we now take a step into quarter 2, we see that the shipping companies’ work during quarter 1 is beginning to have an effect.
The freight market has generally stabilized.

Market / China

Lack of capacity in 2021 with rising prices has been falling for some time now, many suppliers invested in increased capacity and are now instead finding it difficult to fill their quotas. Prices have dropped and we are seeing normal delivery times again on pretty much everything.

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