New Lockdown in Shenzhen Presents Further Challenges Across the PCB Supply Chain

Supply Chain Update.

With an increase in COVID-19 cases in the Shenzhen region, the local government has stopped activities from 14th-20th March. Residents are required to remain at home and most public services have been stopped.

Whilst the majority of Fineline’s supply base is located outside of this region, a small number of factories are affected. This will likely have an impact on your orders. Our supply chain specialists in China are working with each factory to minimise any impact. In addition logistics are also impacted with shipments to Hong Kong being halted.

Fineline have significant production capacity in unaffected regions and can accommodate customers’ demands from these sites. We are working closely with our customers to ensure that any disruption is minimised. Open dialogue is important and we will keep you informed of any changes to the situation.

Please contact your local team, should you need any further information.

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