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Fineline QPI B.V. currently has more than 20 employees, at our offices in Helmond, Netherlands.

We are proud to work with more than 800 companies and provide them with the best customized services and solutions.

At Fineline QPI, we believe that sharing experiences and knowledge is key to our success. Personal connection is our DNA, which is why we put an emphasis on providing our customers with top-notch solutions that are tailored specifically for them.

We are looking for motivated people who have a vision for becoming a part of the
PCB industry.

a word from our general manager

Hi, my name is Dirk Wolter, and I have been at Fineline since 1995.

I started out working as a commercial trainee in PCB manufacturing, continued in computer aided manufacturing for 2 years, and then successfully ran the operational sales for several years. After merging with AVIV PCB in 2007, I became the managing director of our operations in the Netherlands.

Our team is strong, has a good mindset, and helps each other to grow. Working with us, you will learn about the technical magic behind all electronic devices in the present and future, gain confidence, and be responsible for your own decisions.

This is your opportunity to step into the electronic field and gain deep knowledge about PCB manufacturing, and professional sales.

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