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In 2007 Aviv PCB became a part of Fineline global.

We currently have 40 employees, who work at our lovely offices in Kibbutz Hazorea Israel.

It is our pleasure to work with companies in a range of diverse sectors, including communications, security, medical, and computers. We are proud to supply our customers with unique end-to-end solutions for their PCB needs and supply chain requirements. Our team of experts is united by a commitment to excellence and ensures the best technology, combined with great service at every point in the supply chain.

We are looking for results-oriented, client-focused, team players, who are passionate, innovative, and ethical, from diverse backgrounds. This is your opportunity to seize opportunities, grow, and make a positive impact on our community, and the industry.

a word from our general manager

Shay Padness

Hi, my name is Shay Padness, and I am the General Manager of Fineline Israel, and am proud to have been working at Fineline for over a decade now, since 2012.

At Fineline Israel, we cultivate innovation, collaboration, and consistent learning. We believe that ensuring client satisfaction is the key to long-term success in fulfilling our mission and achieving our organization’s objectives.

By working with us, you will gain experience in several valuable fields including team collaboration, communication, problem-solving, commercial & logistic skills, and time management. You will gain the opportunity to network with experts around the world, as well as access to unique learning opportunities that can significantly enhance your knowledge and prepare you for a successful career.

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