Fineline Nordic Buys Cadint



Information for you as a customer of Cadint Sweden AB and Fineline Nordic AB.


Fineline Global’s subsidiary Fineline Nordic with office in Stockholm Järfälla has on 12 Dec 2022 acquired printed circuit board supplier Cadint Sweden AB.


Fineline Global with 13 offices and approx. 380 employees worldwide has one turnover of approx. 260M USD. With a base of suppliers from Europe and Asia, we can equal or better conditions clearly compete against all other trading companies in our vicinity.


Cadint will continue its operations just as before but can now also add Volume jobs and warehousing and call-out from Fineline’s warehouse at Stockholm Arlanda.


We both complement each other perfectly and you as a customer can benefit greatly from that. Together with Cadint and their speed, we can already deliver everything from fast prototypes to high volumes with the very best conditions for our industry. We can help you with design from the start, selection of the right supplier for your particular product. Delivery on time at the best price including a support that is highly valued by our customers today.


A warm welcome to Fineline / Cadint

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Fineline Nordic AB, Göran Karlström Tel: 070 529 11 59

Cadint Sweden AB, Leif Sundström Tel: 070 433 38 93

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