Fineline Supports New Product Introduction

Patrick Caruso

Patrick Caruso, NPI Manager, Germany talks about how Fineline can support New Product Introduction.

When bringing a new product to market there are multiple aspects to consider: form and function, marketing, sales, prototyping, off-shore/on-shore manufacturing, without even considering the actual electrical and electronic design of the product. 

Taking just one of those stresses away has a significant impact on the success of your product launch. Working with a dedicated partner to have your design and PCB layout verified saves considerable effort and cost, enabling you to deliver products to market faster – and with the confidence the new product has been designed for high quality full volume production.

Fineline is well known for its PCB manufacturing expertise, but we can also provide a New Product Introduction (NPI) service for our customers.

The aim of the NPI process is to get a new or improved product through prototyping and onto the market as quickly as possible. A rigorous process reduces development costs, guides technology decisions, improves product quality and has design for manufacture at its heart.

NPI services available to customers include:

Verifying PCB layout

An evaluation of the design and layout is carried out and manufacturability is reviewed with the aim of reducing the number of iterations required and shortening the development cycle. 

Material selection

Selecting the correct PCB material and technology for the application is essential for a successful NPI. Our team collaborates with customers to define the best technology for the application, whether that be a standard double-sided PCB, flexible, HDI or Aluminium. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to find the best solution for the most complex designs.

PCB manufacture

Dependent on the technology and complexity of the design or component selection, the NPI team will guide each customer through the selection of manufacturing partner. Collaboratively, the team will take into consideration, volumes required, technology specification, the need for supply flexibility and delivery deadlines to select the appropriate manufacturer.

Supply chain management

Working closely with the logistics experts, the NPI team ensures that products reach their final destination on schedule ready for the launch date. Delivery options including FCA, FOB, CIF, and DDA/DDP are all available to customers globally.

Product test

The team will work with customers to rigorously test the design before it moves through to the prototype stage.


A high-quality NPI process is at the heart of a successful product launch and will positively impact your bottom line. Fineline incorporates engineering and manufacturing services into its thorough NPI process to positively add value to its customers’ business.

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