Flex, Rigid-Flex PCBs

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Single layer flexible circuit, up to high layer rigid-flex multilayer PCB, also in combination with HDI and other technologies.

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCBs are typically manufactured using thin pure polyimide materials and can be single-sided, double-sided or multilayer structures. These can be assigned against the appropriate IPC specifications as:

IPC6013 Type 1 – Single-sided

IPC6013 Type 2 – Double-sided

IPC6013 Type 3 – Multilayer

All types can use stiffeners where rigidity is required and bar single-sided, use PTHs in the same manner as a double sided or multilayer PCB as previously detailed.

Flexible PCBs facilitate almost complete design freedom and can be bent, twisted or formed to minimise size and space. With a reduced PCB volume, due to thinner materials, weight can also be reduced – a key reason why these types of circuit are used widely in aviation and space applications.

Technology Portfolio Fineline Illustrations v7

Rigid Flex PCB

Rigid Flex PCBs, by definition, are a combination of a rigid part(s) joined by interconnecting flex areas where the flex material is used across the entire PCB area. The rigid parts are where there is no bending requirement. Again, PTHs take connections from layer to layer as required. Rigid flex may also employ other technologies as required eg. HDI.

Rigid flex can be used to eliminate or greatly reduce requirements for bulky and costly cable harnesses, in turn taking out cost and reducing assembly time. Like the pure flexible PCBs, these are widely used in aviation and space applications – and also in automotive and test equipment.

We can also supply semi-flex technology solutions.

This is one example. Every application is different so please contact our experts to discuss your requirements, in full.

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