Our People

Meet the people who manage our functions and regions

Eli Ikan
Eli Ikan

CEO, Fineline Global

Management Clive Wall Fine Line Global

Clive Wall

Managing Director, Fineline UK

Management Silvia Piazzalungal Fine Line Global

Silvia Piazzalunga

Co-Managing Director, Fineline Italy

Management Luca Giovelli fine line global

Luca Giovelli

Co-Managing Director, Fineline Italy

Shay Padness

Shay Padness

Managing Director, Fineline Israel


Management Angel Fernandez fine line global

Angel Fernandez

Managing Director, Fineline Spain & France

Management Dirk Wolter fine line global

Dirk Wolter

Managing Director, Fineline Germany

Management Svetlana Makukha fine line global

Svetlana Makukha

Country Manager, Fineline Ukraine

Göran Karlström

Göran Karlström

Managing Director, Fineline Nordic

Management Kelvin Deng fine line global UK

Kelvin Deng

GM, Fineline China and Director
of Supply Chain

Maysa Salameh

Maysa Salameh

CTO, Fineline Global

Management Maor Polak Fine Line Global

Maor Polak

CFO, Fineline Global

Liz Blair

Liz Blair

Marketing Director, Fineline Global

Fineline Sharon

Sharon Lihod

Quality Director, Fineline Global

Fineline Raphy

Raphy Sadeh

IT Director, Fineline Global