Fineline Global Ltd. Acquire Fuchsberger PCB & Electronics GmbH (FUPE)

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Fineline Global Ltd. , a global supplier of printed circuit boards is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fuchsberger PCB & Electronics GmbH (FUPE). This acquisition will complement and strengthen Fineline Gesellschaft fur Leiterplattentechnik mbH, Fineline’s long standing subsidiary in Germany, in supporting the German, Austrian and CEE markets.

FUPE is located in Brunn am Gebirge close to Vienna, and is now managed by the Managing Director Dirk Wolter, who is also responsible for Fineline GmbH and KBL Circuits GmbH & Co KG. FUPE has established a strong customer base and an excellent reputation in providing high level service and technical support in the Austrian and south Germany regions.

Fineline Global will support FUPE through Fineline GmbH and coordinate marketing, logistics ,supply  and IT efforts. We expect that the additional capabilities of Fineline, in terms of local supplier management, wider supplier base, IT systems and technical strength, combined with FUPE’s outstanding capabilities will enable us to enhance our services to the markets of Germany and Austria.

The integration efforts and the overall management of Fineline’s operations in Germany will be led by Mr. Dirk Wolter,  General Manager of Fineline Gesellschaft fur Leiterplattentechnik mbH.

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